Built-In Flexibility for Unparalleled Stability

Clean Customization

Credics has created diverse, free-standing applications that fit together like building blocks, with unique source code for each client, rather than making time-consuming and compromising changes to a single piece of software.   By assembling these modular software elements into individualized solutions, Credics' innovative software provides a unique, tailor-made payment processing system for each client. You benefit from the highest quality solution, specially designed for your needs.

Unlimited Scalability

Long after the software has been put into action, Credics' cutting-edge approach continues to show results. Its modular systems allow adjustments to be made easily, quickly, and with minimal cost, thanks to their built-in scalability and flexibility. Perfectly compatible with your existing infrastructure and legacy systems, your payments solution adapts as your business grows and changes.

Comprehensive Risk Management

With a single core solution smoothly coordinating multiple modules, all applications and existing programs are integrated into one comprehensive authorization system. Data encryption, fraud prevention, EMV management, and all other security issues are handled in a stable, centralized environment, making sure security is consistent, reliable, and crash-proof.

Centralized Tracking

The Credics system offers all the advantages of big-picture data analytics.  No matter how many features and functions are built into your product, all information passes through the transaction processing engine, offering you more accurate, reliable marketing data. With the included set of tools and wizards, you can comfortably customize your Transactor Tracking to get the best possible data for your business requirements.    

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